cPanel: Starting Up Your Hosting Control Panel

With 5 Stars Hosting, the specific control panel for your hosting account is cPanel. It allows you to create email accounts, edit your files, view your website’s statistics, and much more!

5 Stars Hosting cPanel


How to Access your cPanel
cPanel is accessed via the following link: (Make sure to replace with your actual domain name.)

New Accounts
If you just recently registered your domain name, it can take up to 24 hours for your domain to be fully active. So you may not be able to access in those first few hours. And
if your domain name hasn’t been pointed to InMotion Hosting’s nameservers yet, you will not be able to access your cPanel as well via the link. But whichever the case, InMotion Hosting provides a temporary cPanel link, which is similar to

cPanel Proxy
cPanel runs off of ports 2082 and 2083, which certain firewalls will block. You will not be able to access your cPanel if you are behind a firewall that blocks these ports. If this happens, you can use the cPanel proxy to access cPanel over the standard web port of 80. In order to do this, use (replacing with your actual domain name). By default, cPanel proxy should be enabled on most accounts, but if you experience any problems with this, you should contact the support department for additional assistance.

Official cPanel Documentation
The following links leads to the official documentation of cPanel:

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