rDNS issues (Resolved)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - Orion
  • We are experiencing issues with the reverse DNS server, please be patient we are working on the problem

  • Date - 10/10/2016 12:54 - 10/10/2016 21:07
  • Last Updated - 10/10/2016 14:36
Maintenance VPS2 (Resolved)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Server - VPS-5 Xen
  • Reported mermory error on the the VPS host.
    To investigate we will need to shutdown the host from 22:00 to 23:59 on the 18th of July 2016

    We are sorry for any inconvenience created.

    Thank you!

  • Date - 18/07/2016 22:00 - 18/07/2016 23:59
  • Last Updated - 19/07/2016 05:29
Downtime on VPS2 (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - VPS-5 Xen
  • Server HDD replacement, reported today 22.03.2016 at 15:14
    All virtual machines will be suspended during the maintanance proccess.

  • Date - 23/03/2016 19:30 - 23/03/2016 19:44
  • Last Updated - 22/03/2016 20:33
Electrical network upgrade (Resolved)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Other - All
  • The national electrical company has started works in our grid to replace old equipment to improve the grid for better reliability.
    Due to this work we have taken the decision to upgrade our internal electrical network at the same time.
    Altho we will do our best to do our work without affecting any system it may be the case when you will experience some downtime.

    Please read this post daily for more updates.

    Best regards,
    Team 5 Stars Hosting

  • Date - 13/07/2015 14:30 - 22/07/2015 00:00
  • Last Updated - 22/07/2015 09:02
HDD Replacement (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - Orion
  • During a routine check we have noticed that one of the hard disk in the raid configuration has failed.
    Due to this Orion server will be offline from time to time so we can replace the faulty hard disk and bring things back to normal.

    Thank you for your understandig.

    This issue is marked as CRITICAL

  • Date - 28/04/2015 23:20 - 30/04/2015 00:00
  • Last Updated - 02/05/2015 05:54
Data centre maintenance and upgrade (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Other - Data centre network and servers
  • Dear clients,

    We are writing you to let you know that betwen the 21st of April and 28th April 2015 we are performing maintanance and upgrade works in our data centre which will affect all the servers.
    As always we will try to minimise the downtime but at least in one case we reserve the right to take everything offline for 3 hours.

    For any queries please reply to this email or open a ticket from your account and we will answer you as we can.

    Best wishes,
    Team 5Stars Hosting

  • Date - 21/04/2015 07:00 - 28/04/2015 00:00
  • Last Updated - 28/04/2015 23:20
Network Scheduled maintenance (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting System - Network
  • On the 24th of May at 10am London time, we are having a scheduled maintenance on all our network.

    This will take approximately 2 hours but we will struggle to reduce the time to a minimum.

    We picked up this date and time due to a very low traffic on all the network thus reducing to a minimum the loss of traffic (less the 0,02% loss).

    We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause

    If you have any questions please contact us and we will answer as soon as possible, or you can open a ticket from your account.


    Team 5Stars Hosting

  • Date - 24/05/2014 10:00 - 24/05/2014 12:00
  • Last Updated - 24/05/2014 11:55
Kernel update (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - Orion
  • Kernel update on the Orion Server
    Priority: CRITICAL

    During the updates you will experience down times to the server intermittently.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Date - 17/03/2013 16:30 - 17/03/2013 18:30
  • Last Updated - 17/03/2013 17:53
Maintenance (Resolved)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Server - Orion
  • Performing maintenance on servers.

    Maximum time 1 hour.

  • Date - 24/12/2012 21:00 - 24/12/2012 22:00
  • Last Updated - 24/12/2012 23:16
Schedule downtime (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - Orion
  • We are migrating to the new IP class received from our ISP

    This means that you can experience some problems accessing your website(s).
    Altho this may seem a serious problem we can assure you that it isin`t. It`s the final step in starting our own data centre and this means no more problems for you as a client hosted on our servers.

    Usually the change can tale up to 24 hours but for security reasons we reserve 72 hours for this change as it is needed for the Name Servers propagation on the internet and since is a big net it can take a while.

    You won`t have to do anything, just sit tight, relax and enjoy your weekend and we will do all the work for you.

    Also with this change we can sell cheap IPV4 IP addresses to use for SSL connections on your websites.
    We are going to add this addon once the change has been made.

    We hope you can still take it and we apologies for any inconvenience you may experience during this change and we will do our best to make it a short transition.

    Team 5Stars Hosting

  • Date - 07/12/2012 00:12 - 10/12/2012 23:59
  • Last Updated - 11/12/2012 21:15
Schedule downtime (Resolved)
  • Priority - Low
  • Affecting Server - Orion
  • Schedule shut down on servers.

    We are replacing the network cards with 1GB cards for more speed and reliability.

    We are currently in progress of installing a fiber link with our provider for 1GB uplink and we need to replace the old network cards so that the server can support the new speed.

    Start date and time: 06/12/2012 00:30
    End date and time: 06/12/2012 04:00:00

    The time is relative the replacement can take place at any time between this hours and it should be a 15 minutes downtime.

    Team 5Stars Hosting

  • Date - 06/12/2012 00:30 - 06/12/2012 04:00
  • Last Updated - 07/12/2012 00:12
Service maintenance (Resolved)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Server - Orion
  • We have reports that our servers are generating a random 500 error.

    We are working to solve this issue.

    We appologise for any inconvenience and we are working as fast as we can to solve it.

    5Stars Hosting

  • Date - 07/08/2012 03:16
  • Last Updated - 07/08/2012 09:31

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